Why Choose Us

At Amerity Financial our clients have entrusted us to protect and help grow their retirement savings. Our old school philosophy is a conservative one. We believe it's better to "grow it and keep it" than to risk losing what you have worked a lifetime for.

Will the assets you've accumulated last through your retirement? We provide leading solutions to guarantee safety, growth and income. Because people are living longer healthier lives it's time to reevaluate the longevity of your financial independence.

Amerity Financial Retirement Solutions are customized individual retirement plans based on individual needs. The foundation for Amerity Financial Retirement Solutions is the security it provides.  It wouldn’t make sense to build your home without a sound foundation and the same holds true for your retirement.

Amerity Client Testimonials

“You have no idea how many times I have been proud of myself for taking the plunge in May by moving my money out of stock and mutual funds to the fixed annuity. I shudder to think what my portfolio might by worth today had I stayed in.”
— Patsy D.
“I feel so fortunate to have Amerity Financial. They proved to be so caring in executing completion of any investments. Due to their diligence, patience, and know how, I am comfortable with the end results. We’ll be looking forward to their yearly visits.”
— Nancy B., Retired
“We were so happy we had the chance to meet you and acquire you as our financial professional. We met you through friends and glad we did. I was so impressed by your honesty and patience. Your knowledge of helping us make our decisions was so reassuring in knowing we had chosen the right financial professional. We are so relieved knowing our will and finances are in order so our children will not have a problem settling our estate. You continue to keep in touch with us and we feel we can always count on you when needed. It’s a pleasure to know you and we feel we have made a new friend.”
— Lee H. - Retired USAF & PPG Industries and Eileen H. - Retired from Squared Co.
“We had always considered ourselves well organized when it came to our financial practices and life planning. However, we realized we needed better structure to protect our assets and minimize future risk. We also wanted to assure that our family could take care of our affairs if anything happened to one or both of us in the future. The professional service provided by Amerity Financial introduced us to new tools and methods we needed. His expertise and professionalism are greatly appreciated. The package he prepared for us more than adequately meets our needs.”
— Wallace and Patricia C. - Retired

Let's create your retirement strategy together.


Safety ALWAYS matters most - and it's the first consideration in ANYTHING we do. As a matter of fact, just because the market has UPS & DOWNS doesn't mean your retirement has to.


It's not to much to expect a competitive return on your investments. We believe you should "grow it, and keep it" as opposed to risking your hard-earned retirement in the market and facing potential losses when you need your money the most.



Access to you funds so you can meet ALL of your financial obligations is exactly what planning is designed for. Income takes it a step further to give you peace of mind knowing you will have enough to meet and exceed those financial obligations.

What is Indexed Universal Life (IUL)?