How will you get paid in retirement?

What’s the right mix of investments to support your retirement income needs? Apparently, that question is becoming the number one question asked by retirees looking to gain some peace of mind and put aside worries of running out of money in retirement. 

Do you plan to work in retirement or do volunteer work? Perhaps you want to travel or pursue a hobby. You have the time but not sure what the future holds and hesitant to spend retirement assets for fear of coming up short later on down the road. How important is guaranteed income, access to capital, leaving a financial legacy?


Only 14% of Americans are confident that they will be able to retire.

Where do you stand?


Options. It's good to have options.

Do you plan to work in retirement or do volunteer work? Perhaps you want to travel or pursue a hobby. You have the time but not sure what the future holds and hesitant to spend retirement assets for fear of coming up short later on down the road. How important is guaranteed income, access to capital, leaving a financial legacy?

Amerity Retirement Solutions at Amerity Financial help you put these concerns to rest. We specialize in working with near-retirees and retirees who for the most part are done earning and feel they have accumulated enough to get them through retirement. We see our job as enabling you to be confident and the standard of living you worked for can be realized.

Why are so many American households unprepared for retirement?  Did you know that:

  • Only 5 states require high school students to take a class about money!

  • The average American household only has about $135,000 saved for retirement!

  • 61% of people age 44-75 actually fear running out of money in retirement more than they fear death itself!

  • 40 % of pre-retirees are expecting a decline in their standard of living at retirement!

What should you do?  Who do you turn to? How can you get help?

These are questions that many people are asking.  At Amerity Financial we have answers.  Our financial professionals will walk you through each step of the process, educating and guiding you to the information that will empower you to make informed choices.

Worried you'll run out of money in retirement?

A recent Amerity study found that three out of four retirees don’t have an income plan, and of that group, one-third said they didn’t create a plan because they were afraid of what it might tell them.

The unknown is a primary cause of anxiety. Will tax rates be higher in the future?  Could inflation actually force cut backs on your spending? Will Social Security be there?  What about Medical expenses? How long will my retirement need to last? Are your investments going to be able to grow at a rate to keep your retirement base or will you have to start spending down your principal? Will you be able to count on drawing out 5% annually or is 3% the maximum to maintain your base? What is your safe withdrawal rate?  These unknowns are all reason to be concerned. 

Income is obviously one of the most crucial issues in retirement. If guaranteed income is important to you then contact us to learn more about one of our Amerity Retirement Solutions and take the guess work out of your retirement income. 

If you want predictability of knowing exactly how much each payment will be for the rest of your life. 

Predictable Payments

Offers a smaller payment up front, but has the potential to increase each year by the interest rate credited to your plan.

Increasing Income

If you expect to live a long time and want to keep up with rising costs of living, no problem! We can do that for you.

Adjusted for Inflation

Guaranteed Lifetime Income Options

What are Income Riders?

Income riders are designed to provide lifetime income, safety, predictability, guarantees, and peace of mind to people who are worried about running out of money in retirement.

What is a Guaranteed Lifetime Income Rider?

The Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit Rider was designed to allow the annuity owner to make guaranteed withdrawals from the annuity without having to annuitize. Unlike annuitizing the Income Rider method of guaranteeing income also allows you control and access to your remaining annuity cash value.  The amount that can be withdrawn is based on a percentage of the total amount in the annuity. The Guaranteed Lifetime Income Rider guarantees that the annuity owner will receive an annual payment or a guaranteed withdrawal payment for life, even if the policy’s accumulation value drops to $0.00 during the life of the annuity. This annuity rider has become a “must have” add-on for most index annuity products.

Are there more than one option with choosing an Income Rider?

Income riders make it easy for you to receive your lifetime income payments throughout your retirement. Although Income Riders are optional they have become a “must have” when purchasing an annuity. The beauty of the income riders lies in the simple options that are designed to fit your needs. Some offer flexibility depending on the choice of your annuity to choose between predictable lifetime income payment, one that has the potential to increase year after year, or one that can protect your retirement income from the effects of inflation. Whichever rider you choose, when you are ready to start your income payments, your payment is guaranteed for the rest of your life – no matter how long you live.  

How does the Income Rider work?

On the day you purchase your annuity your Amerity Financial Professional will explain the income riders that will be available to you depending on your needs. When you are ready to begin your retirement your maximum income payment is a percentage of your withdrawal value that is based on your age when payments begin. Your payments are guaranteed for the rest of your life for as long as you live.

Can I cancel my Income Rider?

With most Income Riders you can cancel the rider anytime. Once the rider is terminated, it may not be reinstated.


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Life happens and at any time a person’s needs may change. We’ve seen it happen time and time again, so it’s important for us to build flexibility into the overall retirement solutions we provide. We have helped clients realize the security available in Amerity Retirement Solutions since 1994 and continue to build on the trust we established with our very first client.
— Mark Wells, CEO + Principal - Amerity Financial
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